Automated line

CL Tech offers complete cast moulding lines for high-volume applications. The level of automation and hence the capital expenditure can be tailored to the individual customer.

Semi-automated line

A lower capital requirement is required for semi-automatic equipment which allows Companies new to moulded contact lens manufacturing to enter the market.

Coloured lenses

CL Tech has experience in pad printing of cosmetic lenses. This includes running such process for printing on the dry contact lens or on the mould. We have supplied automated printing solutions over the years and continue to develop such systems.

Entry level, 3 phases

Building a contact lens cast moulding facility from scratch can be expensive and time consuming, but CL Tech can offer 3 -ways to enter the market reducing the capital cost and cutting the time.

1. Buy finished lens

It is possible to start up a CL business by buying in generic packaged contact lenses and repackaging them. CL Tech can use its extensive links in the business to introduce new companies to established contact lens manufacturers for the procurement of generic lenses.

2. Buy dry lens + wet lens production

For more autonomy and control, it is possible to buy semi-finished contact lenses and package them yourself in your own packaging designs. CL Tech can supply the design assistance for the package and the machinery required to process lenses which are bought as dry lenses in trays

3. Buy dry lens in a mould + delens + wet

Buying lenses still in their cast moulds offers cost of goods savings over buying lenses in trays. CL Tech can supply the machinery to split open the moulds and retrieve the dry lenses for subsequent processing. Such dry lenses could be colour printed for those who want to supply cosmetic contact lenses.

Specialty Lens (half mould/half lathe)

For speciality lens makers, with a wide range of SKU’s, a hybrid process of cast moulding the back curve of the contact lenses but lathe cutting the front curve is possible. Contact CL Tech to find out more.

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