Technology Transfer Experience

Having relocated existing contact lens manufacturing lines from one part of the world to another many times, and having built new factories around the globe the team understand exactly what is required to be successful in such large projects.

Turnkey Project

For those with little, or no experience in setting up a manufacturing facility for contact lenses, CL Tech can provide a complete one-stop turnkey service. Including factory design, production line layouts, production machinery, staff recruitment assistance, validation documentation, etc.

Experienced Machinery Suppliers

CL Tech has used its time in the industry to forge strong links with machinery suppliers with successful track records in supplying the contact lens industry.

Project Management

CL Tech can guide you through the development of any new contact lens product or material, or even through the entire build of a new contact lens factory.

Installation & Commissioning

The team will organise all that is required for the installation and commissioning of new production machinery at your factory using its own team of engineers and specialists from its machinery vendors.

Validation & Training

CL Tech puts a heavy emphasis on training with any of its new factory start-ups. That training covers the maintenance and engineering functions in technically supporting cast moulding production lines, and the setting and operation of the equipment for shopfloor production staff. The Quality team will be trained in inspection and measurement of contact lenses too.

Ongoing Support

All CL Tech machinery comes with PLC internet connections, and webcams if required, to allow remote troubleshooting support. The technical team is available by phone, Skype, WA, around the clock. We can get a technician to your factory in 24 hours in the unlikely event we cannot solve any issues remotely.

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