R&D & Consultancy

CL Tech’s UK development facility can support contact lens product and process development. Possessing optical tooling manufacturing and a cast moulding lines CL Tech can product clinical lens samples from Southampton.

Contact Lens Design Optimisation

CL Tech’s team includes a number of staff with considerable experience in designing contact lenses, in various water contents and geometries

Chemical Formulation Optimisation

The company has the facilities and experience to optimise contact lens materials in terms of performance on-eye and in suitability for mass production.

Automated Machinery Design

The company is very strong in automation experience in building production lines for the contact lens industry. With robotic cells at their disposal in Southampton the team can develop proof-of-concept rigs and go on to design fully automatic process machinery.

Regulatory, validation & auditing

CL Tech can provide advice and assistance in navigating the regulatory landscape of manufacturing contact lenses. Dr Angelica Lettera has run Quality departments in contact lens manufacturing companies and is an active CE Auditor. The team can work with customers to develop a strategy for the introduction of new products or the accreditation of a new factory.

Yield and Efficiency Site Visits

CL Tech’s team members have worked over the years in various production management, process engineering and QA roles and hence can offer assistance in improving process yields, efficiencies and ultimately output.

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